Wines Listed from Dry to Sweet


CABERNET SAUVIGNON (red) – Supple and expressive with embracing tannins. Hints of red and black berry. Impress your friends at elegant dinners.

CABERNET FRANC (red) – Oaked, silky smooth chocolate and berry notes! Pair with Yancey’s Fancy Cheese.

MERLOT (red) – Earthy with hints of black cherry & oak. Drink while cuddling by the fire.

MERITAGE (red blend) – Full Body Blend-Crafted Bordeaux style! Rhymes with heritage. Deliberate combination of Merit and Heritage.

NOIRET (red) – Dark, intense color, flavor of black pepper and a punch of flavor. Will leave you roasty and toasty.

RIESLING (white) – Aromas of juicy apples and pears. Easy sipping for those late night movies.

CHARDONNAY (white) – Vanilla and oak with a buttery aftertaste. Enjoy while relaxing in a bubble bath!

NIAGARA GONE DRY (white) – Niagara Grape Aroma, delightfully dry. 


BACO NOIR (red) – Smooth, easy drinking w/hints of sweet bell pepper!

WHITE STORM (white) – Fruity Blend with a clean finish.


DIAMOND – Crisp, Clean, wonderful tropical notes!

RED STORM (red blend) – Fresh pepper notes with a soft finish.

VIDAL BLANC (white) – Citrus Flavors with lemon & honey!


TWILIGHT (rosé) – Semi-Dry. Hints of freshly picked strawberries w/tart finish.

STILETTO (rosé) – Semi-Sweet, Fruity blend. Think giggly girls and a fun party!


CONCORD (red) – Estate Grown Concord Grapes!

NIAGARA (white) – Estate Grown Niagara Grapes!

SWEET VICTORY (red) – Racing Red, sweet fruity blend of American Grapes.

SWEET VICTORY (white) – Winning White, sweet grape blend.

LATE HARVEST (dessert wine) – Second pressing of our ice wine! Elegant aromas of pear honey and candied citrus.

Special Dessert Wines – $2/Tasting

ICY APPLE – Dessert wine, Made with frozen Crispin Apples. Sweet elegance with a tart finish just like a Crispin apple.

CABERNET FRANC ICE WINE – Fruit flavors of red berries and rhubarb; a perfect balance of sweetness and acidity provide great mouth-feel.

VIDAL ICE WINE (white) –  Honey notes. Frozen grapes are crushed, yields one drop of juice from every grape!

MIDNIGHT APPLE (dry) – Apple Wine, Ice Distilled to 19% Alcohol and then aged in once used Bourbon Barrels. Great Bourbon Taste.

Fruit Wines

SIMPLY STRAWBERRY Made from fresh picked strawberries. Limited Quantity. Delightfully sweet with a pinch of tartness. 

PEAR WINE – Clean, crisp with a sweet pear finish.

APPLE WINE – Fresh sweet blend of Crispin, Jonogold, and Golden Delicious.

WICKED CHERRY – Wild Cherry Explosion!

EL MELCOTON (peach) – Fresh local grown peaches

SOLD OUT PAW PAW – Tropical Blend with a clean finish. 

Tasting Fees

$4.00 for 4 samples (except dessert wines)

$8 for 4 samples w/ souvenir glass (except dessert wines)

$10.00 Wine & Jam tasting (jams paired with wines, 4 samples of each)

$2 / taste Specialty Dessert wines

$6 Glass of wine (except dessert or ice wines)

$5 Wine Slushy

$5 Glass of Hard Cider or Local Craft Beer (by the growler also available)


10% off purchase of a case (12 bottles)

5% off purchase of half case (6 bottles)

Award Winning Wines

Chardonnay label

Cabernet Franc